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Use Case: Engineering & Construction

A multinational engineering and construction company wants to ensure project teams (who don't have regular access to computers) check in with their anti-bribery policy. Using Gabbi, the company has visibility on teams across the world, no matter what environment they operate in. When an issue is reported by an employee in Africa, the company's compliance team is notified automatically and they review the issue in real-time on the Gabbi dashboard.

Use Case: Pharmaceutical

A global pharmaceutical company has thousands of salespeople on the road. Every day they encounter situations that could become dangerous if not handled correctly in the beginning. Gabbi gives the salespeople consistent reminders to comply with the anti-bribery policy of the company and provides a way to report activity that may not comply.

Use Case: Transportation & Logistics

The compliance team at a European logistics company noticed an unusually high number of issues being reported on the Gabbi dashboard from an Asian country. The compliance team investigated with the country managers and used exports of data from Gabbi to cross reference information uncovered.

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