Getting Started

A quick guide to getting started with Gabbi.

1. Download Gabbi

Download the Gabbi app onto your Android or iOS mobile device.


Click below to download Gabbi to your Android device.


Click below to download Gabbi to your iOS device.

2. Activate your account

After you have been added to your company's account by your account administrator, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. After tapping on the link on your mobile device, you will be prompted to create a password in the Gabbi app.

3. Check in

Have you done, observed, or know about any activity or planned activity that may violate our anti-bribery policy?

When checking in, you have two options for answering the above question:

No, nothing to report

Yes, report an issue

If you select “No, nothing to report” your check-in will be recorded and it’s complete! You’re done until the next check-in.

If you select “Yes, report and issue” your check-in will be recorded and you’ll be given the option to provide your company with more information on the issue via your company’s existing reporting channels.

You’ll receive a notification every 7, 30, or 90 days to check in.