Protect your business

With the world's leading compliance check-in app.


Be first to know when employees report an issue.

Mobile First

Employees can check in from anywhere with the incredibly easy to use iOS and Android Gabbi apps.

Browse Records

Browse employee profiles and view all of their check-ins and reported issues. Timestamped and country tagged.

Privacy Focused

Gabbi was built to be ultra-private. Only your company's account administrators have access to data in Gabbi.


Employees are prompted to check in every 7, 30, or 90 days (and are reminded if they're late). Once an employee is on board, Gabbi does the rest.

Export Your Data

Download a copy of all the historical records of check-ins, reported issues, and more.

Getting started with Gabbi

1. Add

Add employees to your organization's account with our effortless on-boarding.

2. Check in

Gabbi check-ins automatically start when new users are added.

3. Review

Review reported issues, audit check-ins, and build a historical archive of compliance activity.

It's that simple.

The Dashboard

Your company's administrators have access to the Gabbi dashboard.

Quick review

Gabbi displays the most recent check-ins and reported issues.

Detailed insight

View detailed check-in activity performed by any employee.

User management

Add new employees at any time, and lock former employee accounts while retaining all of the historical records.


Mobile Apps

Employees use the intuitive Gabbi iOS and Android apps to check in or report issues.

Truly mobile

Employees check in wherever they are located. Whether in New York or Nigeria, the coffee shop or the Coliseum, Gabbi is there.

Help, when they need it

If an employee has an issue to report, Gabbi will direct them to existing reporting channels when they need it.

A compliance habit

Keep anti-bribery compliance in the minds of your employees without burdening them.

Want to see Gabbi in action?