The Compliance Check-in App

Proactive anti-bribery compliance is one tap away.

Remarkably Simple

It's easy to get started with Gabbi. Your organization can be running compliance check-ins within minutes after your account is set up.

Safe and Secure

Gabbi helps your employees (and your company) stay safe by keeping anti-bribery compliance on their minds without distracting them from their work.

Powerful features

Gabbi's industry-leading technology platform saves you time while ensuring accuracy and privacy.

Automated to save you time

Gabbi check-ins are automated.

Real-time reporting

Identify issue as they happen and see a historical archive of all employee check-ins.

Privacy First

Gabbi was built with privacy in mind.

Employee friendly

Gabbi is a friendly check-in app that your employees will want to use.

Compliance in the pocket

Employees check in on their iOS or Android smartphone wherever they are located. Before a sales meeting, on the train, or in the office.

Automatic reminders

Employees are reminded to check in every 7, 30, or 90 days.

Report channeling

If a user has an issue to report, Gabbi will direct them to your existing reporting channels.

Want to see Gabbi in action?